Somalia: Puntland warns Federal Gov't against term extension

Published: July 30, 2015

Somalia: Puntland warns Federal Govt against term extensionSomalia’s autonomous state of Puntland has said that it will not accept a term extension or a delay to the elections expected to be held in 2016.
On Thursday, Puntland released a statement explaining why it had refused to attend a high-level partnership Forum on the 2016 new deal which kicked off in Mogadishu yesterday.
The regional administration accused the Federal government of violating the Provisional Constitution, undermining the Federalism system and non-implementation of the previous agreements reached by both sides.
Puntland went on to further say that:’’ it will not accept a term extension or a delay of the 2016 elections’’ and called for a national conference to discuss on the elections and ‘’collective national interests’’.
Earlier this week, Somalia’s Federal Parliament and government announced in a joint session that there is no a possibility of holding national elections across the country.
The decision was criticized by the Somali citizens who said that the government failed to implement its pledges when it came to office in 2012.
Since last year, speculations have been going around over the possibilities of holding national elections across the country. Some sources revealed that the government was planning to ask the parliament to extend its mandate for a further two years.
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