Somalia: Puntland’s Mideeye Political Association Denounces Constitution Amendment

Published: July 15, 2023

Garowe, Somalia – The Mideeye Political Association in the state of Puntland, Somalia, has strongly criticized recent attempts by the regional parliament to amend the constitution in the wake of the local elections held in May.

On June 20, the Puntland Parliamentary Assembly voted in favor of changing the constitution, shortly after the Puntland Electoral Commission oversaw the local council voting. The elections involved 7 major political parties and were conducted in accordance with the existing constitutional rules and electoral laws.

In a statement released in Garowe, the Mideeye Political Organization argued that the election results cannot be used as a justification for altering the constitution. They emphasized that the law dictates that the constitution in force during an electoral process remains valid for the future.

Mideeye placed blame on Puntland President Said Abdullahi Deni, accusing him of impeding democracy and manipulating the situation to prolong his stay in power. They expressed concern over the Supreme Court’s delay in announcing the official results of the local elections held on May 25.

Advocating for dialogue and consultation, the Mideeye party stated, “President Deni has governed Puntland through dictatorial policies without seeking input from others. This approach has resulted in insecurity, economic difficulties, social issues, and armed conflicts in the region.”

Mideeye condemned the recent clashes in Garowe between Puntland forces, which they claimed had led to unnecessary loss of life, injuries, and displacement of civilians.

Mideeye Party asserted that the push to amend Puntland’s constitution only serves the interests of President Deni’s political party and its allies. They accused officials of disregarding the potential consequences for the stability and future of the state.

The Mideeye Political Association called on regional authorities to engage in discussions with all parties involved to address the political tensions in Puntland and find a resolution.

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