SOMALIA: Rawlings calls for harmony towards peace in Somalia

Published: June 1, 2011

Ghana’s former President and African Union High Representative for Somalia, Flt Lt Jerry John Rawlings has called on all working towards peace in Somalia to harmonise their thoughts and actions to accelerate the peace process.
The former President said all parties must also recognise and respect the need for candour.
These comments were the underlying theme of President Rawlings’ contributions at meetings held in Nairobi in the past week involving President Sheik Sharif of Somalia, Sheik Aden, Speaker of the Somali Parliament and a fact-finding team of the United Nations Security Council.
President Rawlings expressed concerns that should the momentum in the peace process be allowed to dissipate through divisiveness amongst Somali stakeholders then “we will lose the support of the international community”.
“There is room for an agreement on the transitional process and we should endeavour to narrow the differences. If those of us attempting to assist Somalia achieve her human and national aspirations do not harmonise our intentions and actions, the Somalia road may prove to be even more slippery than it already is,” President Rawlings said.
President Rawlings also called the attention of the Security Council delegation, which was in Nairobi to learn firsthand the situation in Somalia, to the dire humanitarian crises in the country and the need for more support to prevent a human catastrophe.
The former Ghana President said the international community had to do everything possible to keep Somalia intact – a one Somalia.
In meetings with the President and Speaker of the Somali Transitional Federal institutions, President Rawlings emphasised the need to work in harmony towards the smooth conclusion of the Transitional Roadmap established by the Djibouti Peace Accord
The Security Council in its meeting with the President, Prime Minister and Speaker of Somalia pointed out, among other things, that it was deeply concerned with the existing insecurity in Somalia, and noted the urgent need for a comprehensive strategy to establish peace through, among other elements, outreach and reconciliation.

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