Somalia: Roadside bomb targets AMISOM Convoy in Kismayo

Published: March 26, 2014

Somalia: Roadside bomb targets AMISOM troops in KismayoA roadside bomb targeted African Union peacekeepers in Somalia (AMISOM) Convoy as they drove along a strategic road in the Southern Port city of Kismayo on Wednesday, Witnesses and Residents confirm.

At least one person died at the scene and another injured who were passersby. Both Civilians are believed to have died fire opened by the troops afterwards the explosion.

‘’ The bomb was planted besides the road and struck an Armored Personnel Carrier,’’ said a witnesser who requested to not be named due to security reasons.

It’s not yet clear if there were any further casualties.

No group has yet claimed the responsibility of the attack. But Islamist group al-Shabab has several times claimed or carried similar attacks.

A statement from African Union mission in Somalia Confirmed that an Armored Personnel Carrier was destroyed through the improvised device attack.

”Today at 09.30am, an AMISOM convoy carrying RSLAF was hit by an IED attack in Alanley, an AMISOM personnel carrier was destroyed by the IED. In the attack, one civilian was killed and three others wounded.” read the Press Release.

Troops from Burundi and Sierra Leone have been deployed to the city as they will be changing the Kenyan troops who were controlling the port town since they captured from al-Shabab in 2012.

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