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Published: May 1, 2010

The Hargeysa based Jamhuriya newspaper reports (Komishanka oo Markii ugu Horreysay Shaaciyey Tirada) the National Electoral Commission of Somaliland spokesman, Mohamed Hersi Gelle said  More than one million and one hundred thousand potential voters have been registered.  We can say 90% of the new list is accurate. In some cases the margin of error is less than 10%. This is our view. The Somaliland political parties are entitled to theirs.
According to Daljir Radio, (Maamulka & salaadiinta gobolka Mudug oo ka digay caafimaad darrada ka imaan karta xoolo weyd ah oo lagu qalo suuqyada Galkacyo.), the regional administration officials and traditional leaders of Mudug region cautioned against slaughtering emaciated camels for public consumption. The Galkacayo mayor, C/raxmaan Maxamuud Xaaji Xassan who,  along with members of the regional administration and traditional leaders  visited the slaughter-house, told the business people and brokers to return some of camels to the country for health reasons.
Horseed Media (Xildhibaanada iyo Wasiirada Digil & Mirifle oo Ku Baaqey in Adan Madoobe Xilka Baneeyo) reports that the Digil ad Mirifle MPs oppose the recent statement from the Somali government about the Speaker of the Somali parliament, Sheikh Adan Madobe. The Government statement said, the [political] differences must be addressed in accordance with the law and the interest of the nation.” This point has angered MPs who would like to see the parliamentary speaker face a vote of confidence. Mrs Lul Abdi Adan , a Digil and Mirifle  MP, said: The leaders want the parliamentary  speaker to resume his work illegally.

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