SOMALIA: Scores killed in Mogadishu as government launches new hospital

Published: December 18, 2010

The Somalia’s fragile government which controls a few blocks in the capital of Mogadishu has for the first time announced the launch of new hospital in Mogadishu, on Friday.
It has been a very busy time for both government and its international supporters to launch such a hospital in the capital, but finally it did, the hospital will treat the Somali federal troops, according to government official.
Somali president Sharif Sheikh Ahmed said that the government troops would not be treated in the local public hospitals in Mogadishu.
“…Today is a historic day for all Somalis in the country and those living abroad; we succeeded to launch this new healthcare for our troops, especially those who get injury and face the dangers when they are defending the government from the attacks of the militia groups”, said Somalia’s president Sharif Sheikh Ahmed.
Present at the launch ceremony of the hospital that is located inside the presidential palace in Mogadishu, were officers from the AU peacekeeping force and other senior government officials.
“…We are proud to have such a hospital for our troops, because it is known that our armed forces have long been forgotten and neglected by the government, having so much problems in Mogadishu, but we will soon solve these problems, and we will get back to where we once were, we will provide the needed services to our people and forces….”, said the Somali prime minister Mohamed Cabdullahi Mohamed known as Farmajo.
The latest fighting that hit the capital of Somalia Mogadishu between the Somali troops with the help of AU force and Al shabaab has killed 15 people including civilians and injured more, witnesses told Horseed Media on Saturday.
Some residents put the death toll as high as 20 people.
By Mohamed Odowa
Horseed Media

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