SOMALIA: Second day of fighting in Lasanod, Sool

Published: February 7, 2023

On Tuesday, heavy fighting resumed for the second day in the city of Lasanod, as local forces and Somaliland troops battle for the control of Sool region, (North-West of Somalia).

Yesterday, local forces and militias from the city managed to rebuff attacks from Somaliland forces who were sent to the city as tribal leaders were about to declare an autonomous administration.

Reports indicate that at least 34 people were killed and 40 others injured during the fighting.

Civilians caught in the cross-fire were brought to the hospital, local media reported that the Somaliland forces were shelling the city with mortars hitting residential areas, including the general hospital, schools and homes.

A mother was killed with her 7 children as Somaliland forces continued shelling the city during the heavy fighting which lasted more than 6 hours.

The latest clashes come after traditional elders and leaders declared that the Sool, Sanaag, and Cayn (SSC) regions are not part of Somaliland, which the Somaliland government rejected.

The fighting resumed in the early hours on Tuesday, as local forces managed to capture several government buildings including the office of the governor and Hotel Hamdi where ministers from Somaliland were staying on the outskirts of the city.

The Federal Government of Somalia today released a statement on the situation in Lasaanood.

At a press conference held in Mogadishu by the Minister of Interior, Federal and Reconciliation, Ahmed Macalin Fiqi, he said that the Somali government believes that the new crisis in Lasanood is a political issue between Somalis living in that area.

Minister Ahmed Macalin Fiqi also said that the government welcomes the wishes and decisions of the people of Lasanod.

“The government of Somalia is responsible for the protection of the constitutional principles of preserving the territorial and human rights of the Federal Republic of Somalia, and the government based on that principle welcomes the wishes and decisions of the people of Lasanod”.

The Minister of the Interior of Somalia said that the government is calling for an immediate end to the conflict in Lasanod.

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