SOMALIA: Sharmarke Administration’s Effort [FINANCIAL REPORT 2009]

Published: August 26, 2010

Abdirisak Jama Head of Public Finance Management Unit Office of The Prime Minister

The current Prime Minister Omar A. A. Sharmarke’s local policies, which are being shaped problems on the ground, are so dramatically different from his predecessor’s that he has taken some steps in establishing a Public Finance Management Unit (PFMU) under his supervision.
In the absence of a national Public Finance Management system and financial management strategy plans, coordination with Line Ministries was essential for PFM project success. The PFMU, reports directly to the Prime Minister and has been given responsibility and capacity to coordinate all areas of public sector rebuilt, including public financial management.
As part of this effort, PFM Unit has been holding seminar and a serious of meetings to bring the different sections of the stakeholders together to share basic information about PFM and its challenges, to hear different opinions and to begin developing practical solutions to current problems.
The presence of the PFM Unit at the Prime Minister Office strengthened line ministries major planning and coordination and played a leading role in engaging constructively public institutions on important issues of public financial and the budget process. And ultimately raised the par of the internal reporting and budget, which was lost entirely.
Since September, the government of Somalia has been implementing a national programme for reconstruction development plan (RDP). The current programme is focused on three areas: Investing in people through improved social services; Deeping peace, improving security and establishing good governance; and establishing a sustainable enabling environment for rapid poverty reduction development.  The progress made against each of these objectives over the past eight month has been slow.
The fight against corruption has also been slow.  But despite all our difficulties Sharmarke administrations managed to draft our new constitution; reach an agreement with Ahlu Sunna Wah Jama; continue training for teachers and doctors; relaunch Radio Mogadishu; assembled [for the first time since the fall of Siad Barre] Annual Report for the 2009; repair and rebuild schools and hospitals; and the administration is currently repairing 10km of road to Mogadishu airport.

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