Somalia: Somali Police Intercept suspected foreign al-Shabab recruits

Published: March 4, 2014
Somalia: Somali Police Intercept suspected foreign al-Shabab recruits
Beled Hawo district/ File Photo

Officials in a town on the Kenyan- Somali border have said that they have arrested two Zanzibar nationals, who were heading to join the hardline al-Shabab group.

Beled Hawo District Commissioner Mohamud Abdinur Behani told reporters that both of men were apprehended on Sunday night and are in police custody currently for interrogations. He declined to give out their names.

‘’ They were fresh foreign recruits wanting to join the terrorist group. We will handle them to the Central Government for further investigations and already contacted them on taking their responsibility,’’ he said.

The two Zanzibar nationals are believed to have entered Somalia via the Kenyan border, and the Police officers claim that they were heading to al-Shabab controlled areas in Gedo region.

The District commissioner added that the security of the Somali-Kenyan border has been heightened and will apprehend any foreign recruits trying to join the group.

The al-Qaeda-linked militant group is famous for recruiting desperate youths in the country and also neighboring ones, promising them for a better life and good job opportunities.

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