SOMALIA: Somali President and US Assistant Secretary of State Met in Kampala [Photos]

Published: July 26, 2010

The President of Somalia Sharif Sheikh Ahmed and US Assistant Secretary of State Johnnie Carson met this evening in the sidelines of the AU Summit in Kampala.
Ambassador Carson briefed the Somalia President on a meeting the US government convened earlier today for the leaders of two dozen countries and organizations who are committed to assist the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia.

In that meeting, the leaders agreed that the ongoing instability in Somalia has a pressing and negative regional and global implication and now is the time for a concerted and meaningful international support for the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia.
Assistant Secretary Carson proposed that the states and organizations who responded to his “call to action” to summit within 15 days detailed support plan for the Somali government. He also suggested that each country / organization to sponsor and build one Somali institutions or ministry.
In their discussions, President Sharif informed the Assistant Secretary of State that the priorities of the Somalia government is providing security, rebuilding state institutions, providing services and tackling the multifaceted humanitarian challenges facing the Somali citizens and he also thanked the Ambassador the support the US government provides for Somalia in each of these priority areas.
On his part, Ambassador Carson informed President Sharif the objective of the US government is to see peaceful and stable Somalia and that he believes the international community is now ready help Somalia stand on its feet.
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