Somalia: Somali President Sharif Sh. Ahmed met his Turkish counterparp Abdullah Gul in Istanbul.

Published: October 21, 2011

Press release:
(Mogadishu, Somalia, October, 20, 2011) The President of the Republic of Somalia H.E Sharif Sh. Ahmed met his Turkish counterpart H.E Abdullag Gul in Istanbul today. The two leaders discussed many issues ranging from security, developments and greater social and political co-operations between the two countries.
Turkish President H.E Abdullah Gull articulated his government’s commitment to help the government and the people of Somalia. President Sharif expressed his government’s gratitude to the Turkish government for extending a brotherly hand to the Somali people in their hour of need, and emphasis the need to develop that brotherly relationship through bilateral co-operations between the two countries.
President Gull informed the Somali delegates led by President Sharif Sh. Ahmed that the government of Turkey will send the newly appointed Turkish Ambassador to Mogadishu shortly to oversee projects and carry out instructions and implementations. These will include security, reconciliation, education, reconstruction and institution building. The President of Somalia H.E Sharif Sh. Ahmed requested the help of Turkish government with regards to the new constitution for Somalia. The Turkish will send a technical committee to work closely with the Somali committee for the draft of the new Somali constitution.

The Turkish government will host a high level United Nations meeting on Somalia in the near future to put more focus on the situation in Somalia in order to achieve a lasting solution.
The President of the Republic of Somalia H.E Sharif Sh. Ahmed also met with the secretary general of IOC Prof. Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu and Minister of Development for Turkey Cevdet Yilmaz to discuss issues such as capacity building, training, trade and economic integration.
President Sharif is on a two days visit to Turkey, to strengthen diplomatic ties between the two nations.
Suldan A. Farahseed
Communication Director
Office of the Somali President

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