SOMALIA: Three Somali Ministers resign

Published: June 9, 2010

File: Mohamed Abdullahi Omar, Former minister of Culture and Higher Education

On Tuesday, three Somali ministers resigned from the TFG cabinet, saying the government failed it’s task.

Mohamed Abdullahi Omar, the minister of Culture and Higher Education, is one of the resigned ministers. He says the government failed in its primary responsibility to provide any services in the country.
Hassan Maollim, the State Minister for President also announced his decision in an exclusive interview with VOA’s Somali Service.
The State Minister for Defense Yusuf Mohamed Siyad, known as Inho Adde, also announced his resignation, today.
All three ministers are close to the President Sheikh Sharif Ahmed, who is in dispute with the current Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke.
Last month, President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed announced that he sacked the prime minister but later reversed his decision, after he was challenged by the Prime Minister who called the Sharif’s decision unconstitutional.
Recent, internal disputes within the TFG government have also led to the resignation of the speaker of the Parliament.
Today’s, resignation by the three ministers is a political move to undermine the current cabinet led by Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke and it is part of new attempt to remove the cabinet, says a government official who didn’t wanted to be named.
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