Somalia: Two al-Shabab militants killed in Puntland forces Raid

Published: May 8, 2014
Somalia: Two al-Shabab militants killed in Puntland forces Raid
Puntland forces are seen patrolling Bosaso Highway

Puntland Security forces launched an overnight attack on al-Shabab militants hiding in Galgala mountain ranges, killing at least two militants, officials have confirmed.

A commander of Puntland forces told journalists that the operation took place in the outskirts of the coastal town of Bosaso.

At the moment of the attack, it was reported the militants had crossed to the highway to collect supplies from a vehicle that arrived from Southern Somalia, as claimed by the security officials.

Two other suspected militants were captured and were taken for interrogation to Bosaso town.

Puntland Commander Abdirahman Hussein added that other several militants fled back to the mountain ranges.

Since 2010, Puntland forces have been fighting al-Shabab militants in Galgala Mountains.

Last month, the group claimed to have killed the Commander of Puntland forces stationed in that area after a highway ambush.

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