Somalia: Two elders escape assassination attempt in Beled-Hawa

Published: May 12, 2014

beledhawoTwo community elders have on Sunday night narrowly escaped an assassination attempt in the Somali-Kenya border town of Beled-Hawa, Gedo region.

The two elders, Idiris and Herow told Bar-kulan that armed men opened fire on their houses on Sunday night but managed to escape unhurt.

The elders said they do not know the motives behind the attack which they say apparently was a blot to kill them.

One of the elders in Beled-Hawa who asked to remain anonymous told Bar-kulan that the attack was behind by some elements in the town who oppose the peace and stabilization efforts championed by the two elders.

Reports from the town added that one woman was injured in the attack against the elders and is being treated at Beled-Hawa district hospital.

Source: Bar-kulan

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