Somalia: UAE Pledges Continued Support for Puntland Marine Forces

Published: March 28, 2014
Puntland leader meets the UAE Ambassador

Puntland President Abdiweli Mohamed Ali and UAE Ambassador to Somalia Mohamed Al Osmani met to discuss on the bilateral relations between both sides.

The meeting took place in Puntland marine Forces base in the port town of Bosaso.

Ambassador Mohamed Al Osmani who arrived in Bosaso on Wednesday, underlined that his government will continue supporting the Puntland’s new leadership progress.

A Source from the Puntland President Office confirmed that both sides agreed the UAE to also continue supporting Puntland Marine police forces that was formed in 2010.

The UAE has funded the training program of the Puntland Maritime Police forces ever since which was conducted by Saracen International and South Africa-linked private military operator Sterling Corporate Services.

Puntland has managed to eradicate Pirates from its coasts, as a massive fall down came to the attacks and hijackings the sea gangs have been carrying out in the past years.

The semi-autonomous region is stepping up to tackle Somali militants who are expected to flee from Southern Somalia and seek for safe havens in Galgala mountain ranges after coming under large offensives from the African Union and Somali troops.

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