SOMALIA: UK Senior Representative to Somalia Condemns Violence

Published: September 2, 2010

The British High Commission is extremely concerned by the recent fighting in Mogadishu, and in particular the reports of civilian casualties and the deaths of four African Union (AMISOM) peace-keepers from Uganda on Monday. 
The attacks against civilians, as well as the killing and subsequent desecration of African Union peace-keepers present only to bring peace and stability to the Somali people is utterly reprehensible.  There can be absolutely no justification for such action.  The condolences of the British Government go to the Government of Uganda, the African Union and the families of all those who have lost their lives in the recent fighting.
The British High Commission also condemns al-Shabaab’s recent take-over of Radio Holy Quran.  Curtailment of press freedoms in Somalia by any group or individual is entirely unacceptable.  A free press that can operate without fear or intimidation is central to building a peaceful and stable Somalia.  Journalists operating in Somalia do so in the most difficult conditions and will continue to have the full support of the British Government.
Speaking today, the UK Senior Representative to Somalia, Matt Baugh, said: “Coming as they do during the Holy Month of Ramadan and after last week’s brutal attack on a Mogadishu hotel, these further killings again show that al-Shabaab and those who seek to undermine the UN-led Djibouti peace process are only interested in destabilising Somalia further and prolonging the suffering of the Somali people”.
The UK remains committed to supporting the Djibouti process and working with the Transitional Federal Government (TFG), AMISOM and international partners to build a peaceful and stable Somalia.  We deplore any attempts to undermine the reconciliation efforts of the TFG and distract attention from the urgent progress needed on the transitional tasks.
Source: British High Commission, 
                Nairobi, Kenya

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