Somalia: UN Deputy Envoy visits recently-liberated towns, expresses solidarity with residents

Published: August 22, 2015

Somalia: UN Deputy Envoy visits recently-liberated towns, expresses solidarity with residentsThe United Nation deputy special envoy to Somalia Peter de Clercq paid a visit to two towns in the Southern part of the country which were recently liberated from the al-Shabaab militants.
Mr de Clercq, who is also the Humanitarian Coordinator for Somalia visited Bardhere and Dinsor districts of Gedo and Bakol regions. During his short visit, he met residents and local elders of the towns where he held several discussions to assess the general situation.
“I was pleased to meet with people on the ground and see how medical and other humanitarian supplies are now going to these areas, after years of isolation.  I was particularly encouraged by the resilience and determination of the people living in the towns we visited”, Mr. de Clercq said, “But a lot of work remains to be done, to help people rebuild their future”.
Bardhere and Dinsor were major strongholds for al-Shabaab militants until end of last month when African Union forces and Somali government troops launched offensives to liberate them from the al-Qaeda-linked militants.
Local administrations have said that the infrastructure and health care equipment were destroyed by the extremists, calling for the international aid organisations to supply aid and other necessary assistance to the residents.
“The expectations are very high, and we must work hard so that we do not let down the people of Diinsoor and other areas that recently opened up.’’
According to a Press release from UNOCHA, more than 14 humanitarian organizations currently work in the two towns, and more are expected to initiate activities as the situation improves.
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