SOMALIA: US regrets the ouster of Somalia PM

Published: July 27, 2020

The US has criticised the manner in which Somalia’s Parliament removed Prime Hassan Ali Kheyre from his position and termed the House’s decision an “irregular process”.

In a press release issued on 25 July by the US Embassy in Somalia, the US regreted the move, saying it heightens political tensions in the country and undermines the ongoing dialogue between the federal government and regional states.

“The U.S. Embassy regrets the actions of the President and Lower House of Parliament to withdraw confidence in Prime Minister Ali Hassan Khayre and his government, which heightened political tensions and undermined the ongoing process of dialogue and negotiation between the Federal Government of Somalia, Federal Member States, and other key stakeholders,” the statement said.

“This irregular process is a setback for the reform agenda Somalia has pursued with the support of the United States. Somalia’s stability, security, and prosperity can only be built through cooperation, coordination, and compromise among Somalia’s leaders; if any individual or institution seeks to dominate the others, it undermines the stability of the entire nation,” the statement added.

The US embassy stressed that “developing a workable, broadly acceptable election model is key to preserving Somalia’s security and stability”.

The US called on the federal government, regional states, Parliament and other parties to work together to implement the deal reached in Dusamareb.

“We will take measures against spoilers who seek to undermine Somalia’s progress towards stability, peace, inclusive governance, and prosperity,” the US warned.

The surprise vote of no confidence against PM Kheyre was also condemned by opposition political parties, which saw the move as a step by Parliament and President Farmajo to seek term extension, which Kheyre had opposed.

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