SOMALIA: Former Warlord arrested for the shooting at a Peace rally in Mogadishu

Published: February 18, 2011

Two suspects arrested in connection with the shooting at a Peace rally in Mogadishu on Tuesday 15 Feb 2011 have been handed over to the TFG Police.
The two men, Mohamed Omar Habeb (aka Mohamed Dhere) and Ali Nur Mohamed, were handed over today.
The handover was organised between the TFG and AMISOM police after assurances were given by the TFG in relation to the rights of the suspects, in particular in respect of the presumption of innocence, conduct of a fair trial, legal representation and the general respect of their human rights whilst in custody.
AMISOM Force Commander, Maj Gen Nathan Mugisha, said:
“We have extended our assistance to the TFG to ensure that impunity can no longer be tolerated for crimes in Somalia.”
Earlier, the Somali Transitional Federal Government said it arrested five who are suspected to be involved in Tuesday’s attack on peace rally in Mogadishu, in which three civilians and a soldier were killed.
The Prime Minister, H.E. Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Defence, H.E. Abdulhakim Mohamud, Minister for Interior and Internal Security, H.E. Abdishakur Sheik Hassan, and Minister for Information, Posts and Telecommunications, H.E. Abdulkareem Hassan Jama, jointly told Radio Mogadishu on Wednesday night that the Government forces with the help of AMISOM peacekeepers placed behind bars the following suspects:
1. Mohamed Omar Habeb (aka Mohamed Dhere), former mayor of Mogadishu
2. Abdi Qeybdiid (not General Abdi Hassan Awale Qeybdid, former Police Commissioner)
3. Mohamed Raaghe Tifow
4. Ali Nur Mohamed
5. Nur Ali Yalahow
The Government confirmed that the arrested suspects will be brought before justice as soon as possible. It has also stressed that this is one of the steps it is taking to end impunity in the country so that the citizens can live in peace and stability.
Source: AMISOM & TFG

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