Somalia’s military court executes soldiers over killings

Published: March 24, 2015

The two soldiers were tied on a pole before executed
The two soldiers were tied on a pole before executed

Two Somali government soldier have been executed on Tuesday after they were found guilty of murdering three civilians in Mogadishu.
Somalia’s military court Chief Colonel Liban Yarow told journalists in the scene that the court found evidences that both soldiers had committed the crime that they had been accused for.
Dozens of people watched about several soldiers open fire at the two soldiers, identified as Abdirahman Issa Ahmed and Abdullahi Ali Abdi Igal, who had been blindfolded and tied to two poles.
Somalia uses its military court to punish members of al-Shabaab militant group which wants to overthrow the government and its soldiers who commit heavy crimes. But the court has also prosecuted civilians who have been accused of minor cases and later on went to face harsh punishments.
Death penalty is legal in Somalia, a mostly lawless state in East Africa.
Last year, the European Union urged Somali authorities to place a moratorium on the death penalty.
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