Somaliland leader wants Procedure of rebuilding Somalia army halted

Published: May 18, 2015

Somaliland leader wants Procedure of rebuilding Somalia army halted
The leader of the self-declared state of Somaliland has said that the rebuilding of the Somali national army will be a ‘’threat’’ to the stability of the region.
Speaking in a ceremony held in the breakaway region’s capital of Hargeisa to mark the day they declared independence from Somalia, Mr Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo urged the International community to reconsider their plans and efforts of rebuilding the Somali national army.
‘’Rebuilding the army and delivery of weapons to Somalia will be a threat to the stability of horn of Africa,’’ he said in his speech.
Somaliland has not been formally recognized by any country or international body in the world, all of which consider Somaliland an autonomous region within Somalia.
Somalia’s Federal government with assistance from the International Community have started processes to rebuild the country’s army. President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud recently said that they reconstruction of the army will help reunite Somalia again.
Once one of Africa’s largest militaries under former dictator Siad Barre, toppled in 1991, Somalia’s national army was been torn apart by decades of clan rivalries and the absence of any effective government to actually serve.
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