The Gaalkacyo Crisis: In response to Dr Salwe’s letter to Abdiweli Gaas and Abdikarim Guled

Published: December 15, 2015

The Gaalkacyo Crisis: In response to Dr Salwe’s letter to Abdiweli Gaas and Abdikarim Guled, a letter based on antiquated stereotype and avoidance. [read in]
You would rather call a spade a spade. Don’t avoid the issue. Be fair and just.
The Mudug of the era of the Somali poet and philosopher, Osman Yusuf Kenadiid, is history. The society in that region, particularly in the North, is rather different now and has transformed immensely – civility and politeness. They are, to some extent, conceited and pompous with a sense of stubbornness and determination, but when it comes to state-building they are inclusive and very tolerant to a fault. Yes they are vociferous when it comes to telling the truth but they are known for being respectful and diligently observant to all terms of treaties and communal agreements after reconciliations.
Therefore, ‘Mududgayn’ can now be a synonym for being full of integrity and determination. The evidence is reflected on how Galkacyo North has shown resilience and magnanimity after the clanocide of the 1991. Its residents did forgive but have not forgotten those who slaughtered hundreds of innocent townsfolks just because they belonged to the dictator’s clan amalgamation. We all know well that North Mudug people had also been the victims of the general’s brutal policies and persecutions since late 1970s.
Conversely, ‘Banaadirayn’ is now related to being sly and disingenuous often with a sense of cynicism when it comes to sharing resources and nation building. No agreements and treaties are observed and respected in ‘Banaadirayn’. Rule of law and order is alien in ‘Banaadirayn’. ‘Banaadirayn’ is not like the Banadir of the polite and well-mannered residents we knew with their social cohesion.
‘Banaadirayn’ stems from treading and trashing on the national constitution – instead of 2 full regions for a federal state, making do with one and half. Ignoring the constitution by barging ones way into claiming other localities. Then forcing those who don’t recognise you to come to the round table. That is ‘Banaadirayn’.
Moreover, ‘Banaadirayn’ means (Ku Qabso Ku Qadi Meysid. or Waa Marsiihaa). And this philosophy is the current motto for those who have exclusively claimed Banaadir which belongs to all Somalis, and are now hell-bent on claiming the whole of Mudug.
I can understand that you may be glancing back wistfully to the good old days of urbane Banaadir. The era when ones social class in the society mattered rather than ones legendary clan lineage or affiliation. The era when what was not yours was not yours and you were eager to hand it over with appreciation. The era when the character of your colleague or a friend mattered to you rather than his/her clan set. Now that decent social philosophy is hardly present in some societies of the Somali nation. Yes we should all strive to re-instill benevolence and good citizenship back into the whole nation. And I believe Puntland has proven time and again its full participation in this endeavour.
However, “applying Banaadirayn rather than Mudugayn worldview” means appeasement and handing the whole region over to those who had massacred its innocent residents during the civil war. It is relinquishing ones rights. It is rewarding the murders. It is not being just. It is to capitulate to the militias who bombarded the town with artillery after the cease fire agreement.
Your intensions in your letter could be good but they are impractical, unrealistic, illogical and on the verge of naivety.
Abdiweli’s policies of ‘Mudugeyn’ is further from being what you’ve described in your letter. In reality, it is a policy of pragmatism, a policy of being fair and firm, a policy of being quite accommodating and flexible and a policy of live and let live. It is a policy where clan elders and religious leaders are consulted and given leading roles. That is the real ‘Mudugayn’ and that is not the policy of a single person from Puntland, be it a president or the king. It is the principle policy of its population. It is mainly based on consensus.
Examine and understand the policies on the southern side, if you could. Evaluate and then be truthful. You cannot equate both sides. They are incomparable. They never were.
You are intentionally avoiding to call a spade a spade

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