The SSC leader calls for peace negotiations and warns of future conflicts

Published: August 30, 2023

The leader of the SSC-Khatumo administration called for peace, he says they will stay in their land and will not invade the land of the Isaq tribe in Somaliland.

Cabdulqaadir axmed hoggaamiyaha SSC-Khaatumo

Abduladir Ahmed Aw-Ali on Tuesday attended the reception of the vice president of Puntland Ahmed Karash and a delegation from Garowe who visited Lascanod and the new border between SSC and Somaliland in Guumeys area. He thanked the people of Puntland for their support to the people of SSC.

The struggle that started at the beginning of this year, has reached its goal today. We are in Guumeys area, we will stay here, we are not going to your land. There is no other hostility, we have enough military strenght to continue but we want to still maintain the harmony and the peace. Muse Bihi is calling for a new war, I am calling on the President of the Hargeisa administration to sit down at the negotiating table, so we can discuss respecting the border between us and strengthening the peace.

He said that the prisoners from Somaliland were treated well, and the soldiers who captured them were praised for their good work.

In a message to the Ethiopian government, he said that the area has been taken over by a new administration. “We are ready to cooperate on border security,”.

The president of SSC-Khatumo, said that the 8-month war has left a bad mark of destruction and displacement, and he called on the SSC forces to be ready to defend their land.

He also said that the time has come to return to normal life in the city of Lasanod, “we must work on the reconstruction of the city, the business will come back and it will look like a capital where the administration can work” he said.

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