Turkey’s First Warship Docks in Mogadishu Somalia, Marking Historic Defense Deal

Published: April 23, 2024

Mogadishu, Somalia (Horseed Media) – In a historic milestone, Turkey’s first warship, the TCG Kınalıada F514 corvette, docked in Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu, on Tuesday. The arrival of the naval vessel marks the beginning of a 10-year defense and economic agreement signed between Somalia and Turkey February 2024.

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud attended a welcome ceremony for the Turkish warship, emphasizing the strategic cooperation between the two nations, particularly in the areas of humanitarian aid, security, defense, and economic development.

“The government of our brothers in Turkey, with whom this agreement is between us, is a country and people we know, who have shown us support many times. It is a friendly and brotherly country in which we can trust this important cooperation for the defense of our nationalism and territorial unity,” President Mohamud stated.

The president expressed gratitude to the President of Turkey and announced that the implementation of this agreement would enable the resurrection of Somalia’s navy, allowing the country to defend its seas independently in the future.

The maritime agreement between Turkey and Somalia comes amid increasing tensions between Somalia and Ethiopia, following a memorandum of understanding signed by Addis Ababa and the Somaliland administration, which claims to have seceded from Somalia.

Turkey, one of the few countries capable of building its own warships, constructed the Kınalıada F514 as the fourth vessel produced under the National Ship Project (MILGEM). The Turkish government recently announced plans to commence oil drilling in Somalia, as part of the agreement, capitalizing on Somalia’s untapped oil reserves.

The 10-year deal, approved by both Houses of Parliament and signed by the President of Somalia, signifies a strengthening of ties between the two nations and a commitment to Somalia’s security and economic development.