Turkish navy captures nine pirates off Somalia

Published: April 1, 2010

A Turkish frigate intercepted a skiff in the Gulf of Aden and captured nine Somali pirates who were suspected of preparing to attack ships, the military said Thursday.
The Gelibolu, operating with NATO forces in the region, spotted the skiff on Wednesday, about 80 miles (130 kilometres) off the shore in a transit corridor commercial vessels are encouraged to use for safe passage.
Commandoes seized the vessel, along with equipment used in piracy operations, the Turkish military said in a statement on its Internet site.
A photograph posted on the army’s web site showed the suspected pirates holding their hands up in surrender.
Since January, Somali pirates attacked 32 ships, seven of which were hijacked, the International Maritime Bureau (IMB) piracy reporting centre said Thursday.
Pirates were holding eight ships in total and 143 crewmen of different nationalities, it added.

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