UAE delivers armoured vehicles to Somalia Police

Published: June 11, 2015

UAE delivers armoured vehicles to Somalia Police
The United Arab Emirates has given dozens of armoured vehicles to the Somalia Police, as part of assistance in rebuilding the security sectors and nation program.
The military aid which is consisted of armoured vehicles, Toyota/LandCruiser-type vehicles and other equipment such as tank trailers was handled to the Minister of Internal Security and Police Chief of the Federal government of Somalia in a ceremony held in Mogadishu.
UAE ambassador to Somalia said at the ceremony that the equipment will help the Police execute its duties.
The ambassador added that through these donations, the relationship between the countries would continue to strengthen. He also said the donations demonstrate the importance that UAE places on its friendship with Somalia.

Minister of Internal Security, Abdirizak Omar Mohamed, thanked UAE for its support of Somalia and especially in the security department which is a major concern to the Federal government.
Over last weekend, the UAE Foreign Minister paid a rare visit to the Somali capital and after meeting the Somalia President, he pledged continued support towards the rebuilding of Somalia.
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