Uganda: Opposition party in Uganda promise to continue support for AMISOM mission in Somalia

Published: November 3, 2010

FORUM for Democratic Change presidential candidate Col. Kiiza Besigye plans to keep Uganda’s soldiers in Somalia if he wins the presidential race next year.
In his election manifesto, Besigye says he will do this if other African countries send their troops to the war-torn country.
Uganda deployed soldiers in Somalia under the African Union peace-keeping force, but some of the opposition politicians have in the past demanded that the forces be recalled.
“We will never leave our forces without the resources they need. We will also ensure that their families are catered for,” the manifesto says.
The manifesto states that Besigye’s administration will pay more attention to the welfare and wellbeing of soldiers.
Besigye, who is also the Inter-Party Coalition candidate, said the country’s future will be bright by having “real change.” IPC is a loose group of four opposition parties.
He said when he takes over power, he will change the economy, politics, society, and create employment for all.
According to the manifesto, IPC plans to modernise agriculture by investing in mechanisation and “ensuring that Ugandan farmers have access to markets and farm inputs.”
It plans to develop a comprehensive land policy to protect both the land owners and the settlers. “Land grabbing will be sorted out within the first three years of the IPC government.”
Besigye agreed that his manifesto looks ambitious, but quickly added that everybody’s involvement is required so that “the new measures and policy initiatives do not remain spoken words.”
Besigye said his government would construct new roads that link Uganda to other regions. “We will formulate a national road policy, renovate and repair the towns and city road, construct flyovers and a ring road around Kampala to ease traffic congestion.”
The IPC government, he said, will ensure that Uganda becomes the leading ICT country in East Africa. “We will extend the ICT infrastructure to rural areas and make sure that schools teach computer as part of the curriculum.”
In the education sector, Besigye plans to enhance “the prestige and the quality of the teaching profession.” He said the teacher’s salary will be raised from the current sh250, 000 to sh400,000 in the first 100 days of his government. “Children under universal primary education will be given breakfast and lunch,” adds the manifesto.
He also plans to improve the health system and wages of medical staff.
Besigye also plans to pay a monthly wage to persons over 65 years, introduce a federal system of governance and fight corruption.
He plans to conserve the environment and maintain peace and security.
“The public sector is overwhelmed by misuse of public resources. Our social fabric is shattered and the political system with its politicians has betrayed the people and the cause they serve,” Besigye said.
Meanwhile, Besigye while on his campaign trail in Kalungu district yesterday accused President Yoweri Museveni of deviating from the original ideals of the National Resistance Movement (NRM).
He said as one of the founders of the NRM, he would not retire before he has helped the country rid itself of Museveni.
He addressed rallies at Kitante, Villa Maria, Kaliiro, Nabutungwa, Kalungu, Kyamulibwa, Birongo, Kiti and Lukaya towns. He also toured Villa Maria Hospital where he visited the patients.
At Nabutungwa village, Besigye paid homage to Juma Walusansa who was involved in an accident at Kawolo in 2011 while ferrying FDC supporters.
Source: New Vision

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