US Treasury Official Holds Crucial Meeting with Somalia’s President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud

Published: July 27, 2023

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud met with the Deputy Secretary of the US Treasury Department for Terrorism and Terrorist Financing, Brian Nelson, on Tuesday to discuss cooperation between the two countries in counter-terrorism efforts.

During the meeting, President Mohamud presented the measures taken by the Somali government to weaken the income and finances of Al-Shabaab terrorists. He said that the rules and regulations for the financial sanctions of terrorists and the intelligence measures that destroyed the financial resources that the terrorists depended on hastened the successes achieved in the war and the liberation of the areas.

Mr. Nelson thanked the President for the reception and the meeting, and said that the peace and stability of Somalia is the foundation for the peace of the region and the world, therefore his country is committed to help the Somali government against money laundering and counter-terrorism.

The two sides also discussed the cooperation between Somalia and the United States in financial sanctions against terrorism, the role they are taking in the second phase of the war against the Al-Shabaab terrorist militias and progress made in Somalia’s debt relief program.

The talks also touched on the sensitive issue of food security, as Somalia continues to face dire hunger challenges. Nelson reiterated American concerns about Russia’s outreach to African nations on wheat and other agricultural exports following its withdrawal from a UN-brokered Ukraine grain deal. He stressed that the US remains Africa’s most reliable partner during the current global food crisis.

“The peace and stability of Somalia is the foundation for the peace of the region and the world,” said Mr. Nelson. “We are committed to helping the Somali government against money laundering and counter-terrorism.”

“The Somali government is grateful for the support of the United States in our fight against terrorism,” said President Mohamud. “We will continue to work together to ensure the defeat of Al-Shabaab and the restoration of peace and stability to Somalia.”

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