What Can Somalia Learn From Sudan’s Experience?

Published: April 18, 2023

For peace to prevail, Sudan needs to demobilize or completely disband Hemedti’s RSF mercenaries. Hemedti  and his close associates should be arrested and charged with war crimes.   The RSF mercenaries have been used to stoke violence in Yemen and Libya and to violently suppress peaceful protests in Sudan targeting pro democracy activists. It’s a monster paramilitary group that remains the major obstacle to peace, scuttling the transition to civilian rule.

Undoubtedly,  the Sudanese regular army will be victorious over these mercenaries, and hopefully, this will set the stage for unimpeded transition to a transitional civilian government paving the way for democratic elections.

Somalia needs to learn from Sudan’s and Libya’s lessons, countries that had been held hostage by the UAE funded mercenaries. The Libyans defeated Hafter while the Sudanese are on the verge of defeating Hemedti. The UAE backdoor security deal in Somalia poses an existential threat to  national security.  It will wipe out all the gains made against Al-Shabab. It should be exposed and be revisited in parliament to prevent its materialization. Those behind the deal have committed a treasonous act and should have their day in court. Otherwise, Somalia will be rendered a lawless jungle by this deal. 

Civilians will be at the receiving end of death squads that will also be used to target and assassinate activists, journalists, and politicians who speak out. Now is the time to act to stop it before the deal comes to full force.

Deeq S Yusuf