World Bandy Championship ends, crowds pleased with Somalia team performance

Published: February 15, 2016

DSCN2017The 2016 World Bandy Championship has been concluded in the Russian city of Ulyanovsk, with the host country winning the competition participated by 18 countries.
Somali national team, the only African team playing in the competition managed to draw a wide support from the local and foreign spectators at the event.
Despite of failing to win a single match, the team displayed an impressive performance that many had been delighted with them facing various circumstances.  The team was very popular among local supporters, Via internet-votig it was choosen as the favourite team in group B.
“We felt the support of Ulyanovsk fans. Sometimes the tribunes roared, crying ‘Somali’ in Russian. The team were even supported and inspired other coaches,” said one of the players.
Head Coach of Ukrainian national bandy team praised the commitment of the Somali team.
“I’m impressed with these guys. They increased their skills the most among other teams. Also they have good fighting spirit and very good technics”, said  Alm Magnus.
With the team taking the lowest spot in Group B, Coach Per Fasshaug stressed that the future of the team is optimistic with promising players.
“The most important thing is that the players felt how to play in Russian hockey, they understood what to work for. In last game they passed to each other very well, put through combinations, sometimes were dominant on ice. So, now it’s impossible to forget how to play. So as we see the progress of the team is evident.”

Somalia’s bandy national team became the first African team to participate in the competition in 2014 and made impressive performances in the competition though they were knocked out.
Anastasia Pi
Horseed Media

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