Somalia: al-Shabab carries deadly attack at Somali Presidential Palace

Published: February 21, 2014
Somalia: Al-Shabab carries deadly attack at Somali Presidential Palace
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Somali Militant group has on Friday afternoon carried out a deadly attack at the Somali Presidential Palace Compound, reports confirm.

The attack occurred during Friday prayers and it started when a suicide car exploded at one of the gates of the Palace. A heavy gun battle was followed between armed militants and the guards of the Palace including African Union troops which lasted for hours.

It’s not yet clear the number of people who died at the scene but reports suggest that many Soldiers died and injured during the Suicide attack and also the fierce gun battle.

A senior official of the Al-Qaida linked militant group claimed the responsibility of the attack, adding that they killed senior officials of the Federal government.

Permanent Secretary of the Office of Somali Prime Minister, Mohamud Hirsi Abdulle is among the officials who died in the attack. A former top Security officer was also killed in the gun battle.

Somali Security minister Abdikarim Gulled said the Presidential palace guards together with the African Union troops managed to repel the attack and killed several of the militants while others were captured alive. He denied that any senior official of the government was killed in the attack.

UN Special envoy to Somalia Nicklas Kay Condemned the attack and expressed his condolences to the families of those killed. He added that the UN and International Community will continue their support and efforts to bring stability back in Somalia.

“The Somali people are tired of shootings, bombings and killings. It’s time for a new chapter in Somalia’s history and we cannot allow a slide back at this critical time,’’ said the Envoy in a Press Statement.

The President who was at the compound during the attack was unhurt, and was expected to perform Friday prayers at the mosque.

He said in a Press statement later on; ‘’our mission is very simple but challenging: to continue improving security across the country, rebuilding a federal Somalia and providing the economic foundations for a more prosperous nation. All this important work is progressing well and will in no way be deterred by today’s attack.”

This attack comes after the Somali government announced that its planning to carry a large attack at the areas still under the control of the militant group in Southern Somalia.

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