Al Shabaab briefly overrun district in Southern Somalia

Published: May 23, 2015

Al Shabaab briefly overrun district in Southern SomaliaHundreds of al-Shabaab fighters attacked and briefly seized parts of a district in Southern Somalia on Saturday, Provincial officials said, with gunfights raging for hours between insurgents and Somali government forces.
Somalia’s governor of Lower Shabelle region Abdulkadir Siidi told the media that Awdeegle district had fallen into the hands of the insurgents, but it was recaptured within hours by the Somali troops.
The Saturday early morning deadly battle left a number of casualties, with residents confirming that at least 10 people died.
Mr Siidi declined to tell on the number of casualties from the government troop’s side.
A spokesman from the al-Qaeda-linked militant group claimed that they had killed 25 troops of the government. He also declined to comment on al-Shabaab casualties.
Government officials could not immediately confirm or deny the reports of the deaths.
In the past few weeks, al-Shabaab sometimes overrun remote outposts only to be pushed back later when military reinforcements arrive.
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