Al Shabaab militants kidnap three in Mandera

Published: September 24, 2020

Three people are missing after they were abducted by suspected al Shabaab militants in Mandera County on Wednesday evening.

Police said the victims were masons who were going to Lafey town for work. 

The incident happened about 30 kilometers from Lafey town when a public service vehicle the victims were traveling was flagged down by armed men in the area. 

The victims who are non locals were new there and it is not clear where they are now. 

Security teams are now working to trace the whereabouts of the victims amid fears the terror group is in the area. 

There are also fears the incident was the job of local politics and infighting.

Early in the week, Kenya Defence Forces troops killed five Shabaab militants after they ambushed a military convoy.

The ambush happened in Lafey, Mandera County near the Kenya-Somalia border.

 While security bosses have dodged questions regarding the incident, reliable reports say one KDF soldier was killed and two others left injured as they attempted to contain the militants.

Sources say the terrorists ambushed KDF officers along Alungu-Elwak Road on morning hours using grenades and guns.


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