At least 12 Somali Citizens dead in Yemen airstrikes

Published: October 10, 2015

At least 12 Somali Citizens dead in Yemen airstrikesAt least 12 Somali citizens have been killed in Saudi-led coalition air strikes in a North-western town in war-torn Yemen on Saturday, a Yemen news agency has reported.
According to the Saba news agency, the Somalis died after the warplanes striked a bridge in the town of Sa’ada. There are no further details regarding on the airstrike which also cost the lives of local Yemenis.
Since the violence erupted in April, thousands of Somalis managed to escape by taking speedboats and ferries across the Gulf of Aden to Somalia and other neighbouring African countries where refugee camps are already stretched thin while unaccounted number are still stranded. Some of them opted to stay.
Warplanes from a Saudi-led coalition have been pummeling targets in Yemen for more than six months in a campaign against the Houthis, a rebel group that deposed the previous government in January. And while all sides are accused of abuses, increasing blame is turning toward the Saudis and their allies.
There is growing criticism over the soaring number of civilian casualties in Yemen.
Saudi Arabia says it takes care in its targeting, and lays blame on the Houthi rebels for many attacks. But unquestionably, Saudi Arabia and its coalition of mostly Gulf states has superior firepower over the Houthis.
For two decades, Somalis fleeing their failed state found in Yemen a safe haven, a place to work, and a gateway to wealthier Gulf States risking one of the world’s most dangerous boat journeys across the Gulf of Aden.
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