At least five dead in Somalia market bomb attack

Published: October 7, 2015

Afgoye livestock market/ archive photo
Afgoye livestock market/ archive photo

An explosion has ripped through a market in the Southern Somalia town of Afgoye, killing at least five people and several other injured, witnesses have said.
A resident of the town told Horseed Media that the blast happened in the livestock market at noon time. Among the dead are two soldiers and three civilians.
‘’We think the bomb was planted last night and today while the normal business was going on it exploded. Following the blast everybody fled the market because of fear of more explosions,’’ said one of the witnesses.
The motive of the attack is yet unclear.
Though no one has yet claimed responsibility for the attack, the region is a hotbed of al-Shabaab activity. The al-Qaeda-linked terror group has carried out a string of such assaults in the area that have civilians and government officials.
Afgoye, which is 30km (18 miles) north-west of Mogadishu, was a major stronghold of the al-Shabab militants until 2012 when government and African Union forces took over. It lies on a strategic crossroads for routes to the north, west and south of Somalia.
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