Aviation Experts Meet in Nairobi to Boost Safety of Africa’s Aviation Industry

Published: August 22, 2023

Nairobi: Aviation experts from across the globe are meeting in Nairobi, Kenya, this week to discuss ways to boost the safety of Africa’s aviation industry.

The five-day meeting, which kicked off on Monday, is being hosted by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the African Civil Aviation Commission (AFCAC). It is bringing together over 300 delegates from international and African civil aviation regulators, as well as the private sector.

The aim of the meeting is to develop recommendations on measures to mitigate potential air hazards in Africa. Participants are discussing a range of issues, including:

Safeguarding civil aviation against acts of unlawful interference, including cyber attacks.
Enhancing aviation security audits of airports, cargo agents, and air navigation service providers.
Adopting new flight management systems to improve safety.

“We have seen improvements in aviation safety in Africa,” said Salvatore Sciacchitano, president of the Council of the ICAO. “This meeting marks a major step towards enhancing the safety of airlines based in Africa.”

Salvatore Sciacchitano

Silas Udahemuka, president of the AFCAC, said that the continent is currently developing harmonized rules for the safe operation of aircraft in the region.

“A strong aviation system in Africa will enhance the confidence of more Africans to embrace air travel,” he said.

The meeting is expected to conclude on Friday.

In addition to the ICAO and the AFCAC, other organizations involved in the meeting include the African Union, the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, and the African Airlines Association.

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