Cabinet Meeting: condenms the armed conflict in Abudwaaq…

Published: September 10, 2015

The weekly Cabinet Meeting was held today and chaired by the Minister of Justice Abdullahi Ahmed Jama . The agenda of the Cabinet was issues of importance to the Nation and centered around the emerging armed conflict in Abudwaaq of Galmudug, and the topic of printing false and unauthorized Somali Shilling notes came under heavy condemnation.

To start with the Cabinet Minister discussed the armed conflict in Abudwaaq and called for its immediate and unconditional cease fire. They have in unison sent condolences to the familieswho have lost loved ones in these senseless armed clashes.

The Cabinet strongly emphasized their support for the Interim Regional State of Galmudug. They also declared their intention to assist Galmudug State in its attempt to resolve the conflict. The Cabinet urged to resolve the dispute through dialogue and to stir away from actions that could lead to instability to the region.

The Cabinet Ministers also had a lengthy discussion on matters relating to the unauthorized printing of Somali Shilling Notes. This was clearly detailed and presented by the Minister of Finance who also affirmed that the printing of false monies is on the increase in the country in general, and has a negative impact on Livestock owners in the rural areas.

The falsified currency is used when buying livestock from them and in return when they attempt to use the same currency for their needs it is rejected as falsified monies.

The Minister of Finance illustrated to the Cabinet that the effects of printing fake Somali notes was widely practiced in some parts of the country since the down fall of the Central State in early 1990’s .This has had a worse effect on the national economy and markets, and fueled political instability.

The Cabinet, after hearing the report of the Minister warned and asked the public, both private and public entities, to refrain from the use and involvement with these falsely created tender notes.

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