Death toll in Somalia military camp attack rises to 25

Published: August 23, 2015

Kismayo military camp attack
Kismayo military camp attack

The death toll of a suicide bomb attack which took place on Saturday in the strategic Southern port town of Kismayo, rose to 25, sources have said.
A source in Kismayo hospital, declined to be named said the attack left at least 25 people killed and more than 30 injured after a suicide bomber rammed a military training camp.
‘’Some of the people had critical injuries and died in the hospital. Most of them were soldiers and others are still in critical conditions.’’
Some of the injured were transferred to Mogadishu to receive better medical treatments.
Al Shabaab militants claimed the responsibility of the attack, saying that they had killed over 100 Somali soldiers and African Union peacekeepers.
Jubbaland regional administration officials said that they arrested several people linked to the attack. Reports from Kismayo are saying that the suicide bomber was an army employee.
There are also some conflicting reports claiming that two people accused of being involved in the attack to have been executed by the Jubbaland administration.
Al Shabaab has been weakened considerably by African Union troops and the Somali army, losing swathes of territory in the south of the country, but it has been carrying hit-and-run style attacks to show it has not been vanquished.
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