Death toll rises as fighting continues near Somalia-Ethiopia border

Published: June 4, 2015

Death toll rises as fighting continues near Somalia-Ethiopia borderDespite calls for ceasefire, fighting has continued for a second week in villages close to the border that separates Somalia and Ethiopia, residents have said.
According to local sources, there were two clashes in three villages from Wednesday to Thursday morning, killing at least 19 people and unknown numbers injured.
A journalist in Galgadud region has told Horseed Media that the conflict has forced many families to flee from their homes and seek for refuge in remote areas.
Regional Somali government officers have described the death toll of the conflict since it started last week more than 70.
The reasons that led to the conflict it’s yet unclear, but multiple sources have told Horseed Media it’s linked to tribal disputes and pasture. Others have said the conflict erupted last week after forces from the Somali region state of Ethiopia invaded two villages close to the border.
Somalia and Ethiopian government have not officially spoken of this conflict.
In recent years, several conflicts have occurred in the Somalia-Ethiopia border mostly related to tribal and pasture disputes.
Horseed Media

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