Somalia: Former Puntland President declares 2016 presidential bid

Published: April 4, 2016

Former Puntland President declares 2016 presidential bidFormer Puntland President Abdirahman Mohamed Farole declared Monday he would run for Somalia presidential seat later this year, finally ending speculation on his next move following his loss in the 2014 Puntland elections.
In a press conference, Mr Farole berated the current Federal government led by President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud for failing to fulfill its pledges such as ending the 4.5 clan formula – a system used in the power sharing – and implementation of Federalism.
‘’I have decided to run for the presidency in order to eliminate the 4.5 formula which is a disgrace to the Somali people.’’
Mr Farole added that he will work on bringing back stability, development and holding peaceful and democratic elections across the country.
In his press conference, the ex Puntland leader also criticized the agreement signed by the Federal government of Somalia and the regional administration on the elections model, which Puntland was convinced to accept the 4.5 clan formula after opposing it on several occasions.
Somalia is expected to hold elections in September this year, with the current President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud as one of the candidates.
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