Kenyan Teacher Killed in North Central Somalia

Published: May 8, 2014
Kenyan Teacher Killed in North-central Somalia
Kenneth Mwanga

Unknown gunmen have shot and killed a Kenyan teacher working at a college in Galkayo town, north central Somalia, officials have confirmed.

The teacher who was identified as Kenneth Mwanga, 50, was killed on Wednesday night by two assailants who fled away before the security forces arrived at the scene.

‘’ Two men masked approached him while he was sitting outside the building of the college, they opened fire and escaped away immediately,’’ a witness told Journalists.

Officials in Galkayo town, which is administered by Puntland Government have condemned the murder and said that there are on-going investigations.

It’s not yet clear why the teacher was killed for and no one has claimed the responsibility so far.

Kenyan Teacher Killed in North-central Somalia
The Kenyan teacher was killed in front of the College he worked.

But Analysts say that the teacher might have been targeted because of the Kenyan crackdown on Somali refugees in Eastleigh suburb, which has angered Somalis worldwide.

For the past ten years, Kenyan teachers were employed in Puntland Universities, Schools and Colleges. Its the first time a Kenyan citizen has been killed in the stable region.

Last month, two UNODC foreign workers were killed in Galkayo airport by a security officer.

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