Kenya’s move to suspend remittances to have impact on Somali refugees

Published: April 9, 2015

Kenya’s move to suspend remittances to have impact on Somali refugeesSomali refugees in Dadaab camp have voiced their concerns over the Kenya’s decision to suspend money transfer companies based in the East African nation.
Abdullahi Osman Adan, a father of more than 10 children said that his family always receives their monthly bills through the remittances sent by relatives and friend living abroad.
‘’ We are really worried because we depend on the remittances/hawalas where our monthly bills are sent through from abroad…. I don’t work and most of the people living in this camps are relying on the hawalas,’’ he said in an interview with the BBC Somali service.
On Tuesday, Kenya decided to freeze the accounts of 85-Somali businessmen and individuals suspected of funding the terror group al-Shabaab and also suspended key money transfers.
The ban was condemned by the Somali community in Kenya and human rights advocates. It came days after the militant group launched a deadly raid on Garissa University claiming the lives of 147 people.
Federal government of Somalia called for the Kenyan authorities to reconsider its decision which will have a major impact on the hundred thousands of Somali citizens living in the country which majority of them receive bills from abroad.
Mr Abdullahi added that he is ‘’fed up’’ and ready to go back home.
‘’ There is no any human being who can live in this kind of situation… UNHCR should help us to go back to our homes in our country as soon as possible,’’ he says.
Leaders from northeastern Kenya accused the Dadaab refugee camps as training grounds for terrorists and where al-Shabaab launched attacks from. Mr Abdullahi angrily denied the accusations. UNHCR similarly denied the allegations.
” We have been living here for 25 years and there is no any links between us and them… if the leaders of Northeastern province don’t want us to stay here, we are ready to leave!
Hussein Farah
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