Kuwait to host donor conference on Somalia education

Published: September 27, 2015

Kuwait to host donor conference on Somalia educationKuwait will host a donor conference aimed at supporting Somalia’s Education later this year, Somalia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs has said.
In an interview with the Kuwait news agency, Mr Abdisalan Omar Hadliye said that the conference will be organized with the Arab League Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ALESCO) and the Islamic Scientific, Educational and Cultural Organization (ISESCO).
He revealed this conference after meeting with the Kuwait’s deputy Prime Minister and also the Minister of Foreign Affairs Sheikh Sabah Khaled Al-Hamad Al-Sabah held in New York.
Talks between both sides included the reopening of Kuwait’s embassy in Somalia and strengthening the bilateral relations.
Decades of civil war and the collapse of the central government have left a devastating effect on education services in Somalia. By 1994, many schools had been destroyed, learning materials were unavailable and the majority of teachers and students had abandoned education.
Since the collapse of the education system, communities have taken different approaches to establishing locally run education services. While any progress made in the face of the collapse of public education is impressive, all these systems face enormous challenges. People whose struggle for education has always been difficult – girls and women, disabled people and displaced people – fare worst in times of uncertainty and extreme poverty.
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