Lack of funds impedes reconstruction of Somalia health services – Minister

Published: September 3, 2015

Somalia's minister of Health Hawo Hassan Mohamed
Somalia’s minister of Health Hawo Hassan Mohamed

Lack of financial resources has crippled the Somalia’s Ministry of Health’s efforts to launch new projects, particularly in rebuilding the basic health services nationwide, a senior official said. 
Mrs Hawa Hassan Mohamed, Somalia’s Federal government minister of Health said that the ministry had several plans to upgrade the health services but international donors haven’t provided the funds.
‘’We are lacking the funds that the ministry would spend on rebuilding the basic packages of health services in the country,’’ Mrs Hawa said in an interview with the VOA Somali Service.
Western governments have pledged billions to Somali government, but not as direct budget support. The government of President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud irritated many Western donors over the scandal triggered by the resignation of central bank governor Yussur Abrar in 2013, who said she quit after only seven weeks in the job due to pressure on her to sign suspicious deals.
Civil war destroyed the infrastructure of the Somalia, including health services. Rebuilding of the health sector is challenged by a shortage of professional staff, financial resources, and effective governance.
Moreover, an overall privatization of the service sector, decentralization and deregulation following the war have greatly changed the health care scene.
Pharmaceutical market in Somalia has not been regulated; this has resulted the country to become a booming market for counterfeits of different products including medicine. However, Minister Hawo has said that the ministry will launch a major crackdown on counterfeit drug sellers.
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