New waves of refugees from Yemen reach Somalia

Published: May 5, 2015

New waves of refugees from Yemen reach SomaliaA boat carrying 502 refugees arrived in a Northern Somalia port town on Tuesday, as the number of refugees fleeing the conflict in Yemen continues to increase.
The local authorities of the Somalia’s autonomous region of Puntland received the refugees who were mostly Somalis. They were transferred to makeshift camps, while other who were ill were taken to hospitals for medication.
People displaced by the civil war in Yemen are taking speedboats and ferries across the Gulf of Aden to reach neighbouring African countries where refugee camps are already stretched thin, raising fears that prolonged fighting could strain humanitarian resources.
According to UNHCR, 3807 refugees fleeing violence in Yemen have so far arrived in the stable regions of Puntland and Somaliland.
Puntland officials have said in several occasions that they are struggling to cope with the influx of refugees, appealing to the International organisations for humanitarian assistance.
Back in Yemen, Tens of thousands of Somali citizens are still stuck in the violence, many in conflict-zones. Somalia’s federal government has failed to implement its evacuation program pledge other countries have scrambled to evacuate their nationals.
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