Over 900 Refugees arrive in Northern Somalia port town

Published: May 21, 2015

Over 900 Refugees arrive in Northern Somalia portA ship chartered by the Somalia’s Federal Parliament arrived in the Northern Port town of Berbera on Thursday, bringing more than 900 refugees from the war-torn Yemen.
According to a statement from the Parliament’s office, the 960 were included two Yemeni citizens. After arriving, the refugees were transferred to a makeshift camp. The ship was hired by the Somalia Parliament after its MPs donated a total of $300,000 for the evacuation process.
The number of the refugees evacuated from Yemen by the Somalia authorities is likely to increase in the coming weeks.
A plane is expected to be sent by the Federal government to Yemen to evacuate a further number of stranded refugees. Earlier this week, a plane carrying 96 refugees arrived in Mogadishu including Yemeni citizens.
Though the exact number of Somalis stuck in Yemen is unknown, hundreds of people in Somalia and abroad have expressed concern about loved ones in the middle-eastern country.
According to aid agencies and local authorities, over 10,000 refugees have arrived from Yemen since the conflict erupted in end of March.
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