Qatar is Somalia’s reliable ally, says PM’s adviser

Published: February 13, 2020

Somali Prime Minister’s Senior Adviser for Peace and Reconciliation Dr Abdurahman Abdullahi Baadiyow said that Qatar is the main reliable ally of Somalia.

In a symposium, organised Wednesday by the Diplomatic Institute of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on “elite culture in Somalia”, Baadiyow said that Somalia is being built again, expressing thanks and appreciation to Qatar for its unconditional support to his country. HE the Director of the Diplomatic Institute Dr Abdulaziz bin Mohamed al-Horr moderated the symposium.

Baadiyow added that Qatar has spared no effort in supporting Somalia, and was a major supporter of Somalia during the civil war, pointing out that the Somali community is one of the oldest Arab communities in Qatar.
He underlined Somalia’s position in rejecting the blockade of Qatar, pointing out that the blockade countries punished Somalia for its stance on the blockade and deprived it of political, humanitarian, and development support.

Baadiyow explained that Qatar provides important and vital assistance to Somalia in the security and development sectors, pointing out that Qatar and Somalia signed a set of economic, financial, and political agreements, in addition to renewing several strategic agreements.

He stressed the importance of continuing the efforts and support of the State of Qatar for issues of national unity, achieving comprehensive national political reconciliation, participation in building national institutions, and bringing views between different parties and political components in Somalia.

Baadiyow said that there is a future vision to enhance co-operation with Qatar through caring for young people, establishing sporting facilities, and building sports teams in a way that contributes effectively to building peace and societal transformation in addition to spreading a culture of peaceful coexistence, stressing that Somalia will be overcome the challenges by the support of its brothers.

Al-Horr said that such symposiums shed light on Qatar’s relations with the world, in addition to discussing regional and international issues.

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