Somalia accuses Kenya of violating refugee rights

Published: April 13, 2015

Somalia accuses Kenya of violating refugee rightsSomalia has condemned Kenyan government’s directive to the United Nations for the relocation of Somali refugees living in the East African nation within three months.
The minister of Foreign Affairs of the Federal government, Abdisalam Omar Hadliye said that it is not the right time for the repatriation of the refugees, accusing the Kenyan government of violating refugee rights which it is part of the signatories..
He added that his government has not received any formal letter from the Kenyan authorities regarding this decision.
‘’ We should first make sure that the region or places they are going back are safe and can get the essential basic needs…. It is a hurried decision,’’ said the minister in an interview with the BBC Somali service.
In a statement from his office, Vice President of Kenya William Ruto ordered the UNHCR to repatriate the refugees within three months or “we shall relocate them ourselves.”
The decision left many rights groups concerned and calling for the Kenyan government to reconsider it.
Following the collapse of the Central government of Somalia in 1991, Kenya has seen a huge influx of Somali refugees owing to the political instability experienced in its Horn of Africa neighbour.
The Dadaab refugee camp is host to nearly 500,000 people already – which is nearly five times larger than intended when it was built 20 years ago.
Since al-Shabaab started to launch attacks in Kenya, Somali citizens including the refugees have been viewed as security threats and most recently the Kenyan authorities claimed Dadaab refugee camps as training ground for the terrorists.
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