Somalia: Al Shabaab executes 4 men for spying allegations

Published: May 26, 2015

Somalia: Al Shabaab executes 4 men for spying allegationsSomalia’s Al-Qaeda-linked militant group has executed four men for allegedly spying for Kenya and Federal government of Somalia’s intelligence agencies.
The execution took place in Diinsoor district of Bay region in South-Western Somalia on Monday evening, where al-Shabaab militants still control some parts of it.
According to reports, the men who were executed were members of the group. One of the men, Mohamed Nur Sooyaan was a former senior official of the radical extremists.
The al-Qaeda Inspired group has conducted a series of public executions and amputations in the areas under its control.
Al Shabaab is under pressure from southern and western parts of Somalia as Kenyan army continues to sought their locations while African Union and Ethiopian armies are combining to route the islamists out of the war-torn country.
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