Somalia: Al Shabab increased tax on local Business

Published: April 22, 2014

Somalia: Al Shabab increased tax on local Business

On Tuesday, the militant group Al Shabaab has increased the tax on local business and the residents in the south-central regions of Somalia.

The group has already enforced the new tax in Galgaduud region (central of Somalia), residents say.

“…The local bus and lorry drivers have to pay $150 Us dollars a month, while the other drivers from other regions will pay $600 us dollars…” says one of the local residents who asked not to be named for security reasons. He added “… the local livestock traders are also forced to pay the tax…”

Al-Shabab has been driven out of major towns by a UN-mandated African Union force, but the group still controls many of the rural areas in south-central Somalia and regularly launch attacks that include bombs and guerrilla-style raids.

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